All aboard

Don’t worry that you have already missed the train. Bright Light Marketing can help make sure that you and your business make the most of the Borders Railway and benefit from the new customers that it will bring. Here are five simple ways we can help you and your business get noticed (and apologies for the train related puns in advance!)

1. Planning your route
We will sit down with you and find out about your business and who your customers are and come up with a plan for how to grown your business and tap into the new customers that the Borders Railway will bring. A plan on its own is just a piece of paper but our Marketing Plans are not just simply words they give businesses a comprehensive action plan to follow on a monthly basis and provide a practical and easy way of promoting your business.

‘Sometimes a well-established group needs outside help to organise its collective thinking! Borders Pet Rescue had been around for a long time, with a very dedicated core of staff and volunteers. But we recognised that to survive and thrive in today's fast-moving world and to compete with the big spend of the national charities, we needed professional help - and fast. Bright Light Marketing came highly recommended and did not disappoint. They were happy to work with our diverse team, coaxing out our values, moulding our branding, encouraging us to learn and love social media! They have not changed who we are. But rather have discovered who we are and helped us to present that to a much bigger audience. Probably the best investment we have ever made in our organisation - and we enjoyed it! Thank you!’
Jane Vickers, Borders Pet Rescue

2. Blowing your whistle
A mistake that many businesses make when marketing is to promote their business just like their competitors and like many other businesses. With this approach it is hard to stand out and be noticed. Bright Light Marketing are experts in getting businesses noticed by coming up with innovative ideas and campaigns that immediately attract attention so that your business stands out as a company that people want to engage with and find out more about.

‘Bright Light Marketing have been instrumental in making our campaign, the biggest pub promotion ever in Scotland, successful. Efficient, enthusiastic and always available, they have been a great company to deal with.’
Paul Waterson, Chief Executive
Scotland’s Licensed Trade Association

3. Train on line
Have you mentioned or promoted the Borders Railway on your website? You are not alone. We saw a recent article that identified that with a few exceptions that most tourism businesses in the area are not mentioning the Railway and just as importantly not promoting their business as a place to stay or visit. A huge missed opportunity.


We can do an audit of your website and come up with practical ways that can improve your site as well as working with you to put packages and promotions together to attract new customers. For example adding a blog to your website is a good way of doing this and will also help your ranking on the search engines. We can write and add blog articles to your website as well as ensuring that your website stands out from the crowd.

4. Railway chatter
It doesn’t take a genius to know that for the next few weeks the Borders Railway and the Scottish Borders are going to be in the media spotlight – radio, television, in the printed press and on social media. Bright Light Marketing can work with you to ensure that your business is mentioned in the coverage by writing a press release outlining your ideas for promoting your business. We can also ensure that your business is at the heart of the chat on social media talking about the railway and ensuring that your business attracts attention. Bright Light Marketing carry out social media campaigns on behalf of clients targeted at existing and potential customers and update social media tools like Facebook and Twitter daily making sure that the business is seen and noticed.

‘Recently Bright Light Marketing convinced us that we should try social media advertising as well as our other marketing activity. We decided reluctantly to try this out on Facebook. They showed us how this can be targeted to the specific group and geographical area you want to reach and also – the cost is very competitive.

We have now tried two campaigns. Not only did our sales increase for the products advertised, but we can also directly measure actions taken by advert readers, such as increased number of likes, direct bookings through Facebook, direct messages and further enquiries through Facebook. So, again I have to say Bright Light Marketing was right.’

Will Haegeland, owner of the County Hotel, Selkirk

5. Just the ticket
The Borders Railway is a huge opportunity for businesses to grow their business and attract new customers. But don’t forget about your existing customers. You need to let them know about your plans. An e-newsletter is the perfect way of doing this and keeping in touch with your existing customers. We recently sent out an e-newsletter for a client to their existing database which resulted in immediate bookings for them and for the Borders Railway. It’s easy to forget your existing customers but if you don’t tell them about your plans why should they buy from you?

Starting your journey
To find out more about the type and quality of work that we are capable of and to discuss the Bright ideas we have to get your business noticed just give us a call. Tel: 01750 505051 or email